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Facts About Fat Loss

Yuri ElkaimFacts About Fat Loss – I want to share 7 myths about fat loss that Nick sent my way the other day. I think you’ll really appreciate them too. But as a word of caution, some of these myth busters may go against everything you’ve been taught to believe about facts about fat loss. However, sometimes going against convention is exactly what you need to do to get spectacular results! You know like the universal fact regarding the benefits of sleep.

MYTH #1: Successfully losing fat always means losing some muscle mass as well.

FACT: It is possible to actually GAIN muscle while losing fat, not just in beginners but even in advanced trainers. All it takes is the right program of training and nutrition.


MYTH #2: Gaining muscle requires additional calories from food, therefore it’s impossible to gain muscle under reduced-calorie conditions.

FACT: Under the right dietary and training conditions, your body can actually use your own body fat to provide energy for building muscle, practically doubling the speed of fat loss. This is a good habit that can also help a person stay healthy in old age.


MYTH #3: You must choose a consistently-strict diet of either low-carb or low-fat foods to lose fat rapidly.

FACT: Low-carb diets work and burn more calories. Low-fat diets work. But neither works forever. You can take the best features of both and combine them to actually FEED off each other with NO plateaus EVER, like maybe it will help you live for 1,000 years


MYTH #4: To lose fat with weight training, you must use high-reps with light weights.

FACT: Training with high reps and isolation exercises for fat loss is a waste of time and energy. It will practically guarantee that you lose muscle, not help in preventing sports injuries, and exercise recovery.


MYTH #5: You need to take fat-burning pills or supplements to maximize fat loss.

FACT: Your own natural metabolism is FAR more powerful for burning fat than any fat-loss pills or potions you could ever take IF you know how to stimulate it properly.


MYTH #6: Gradually reducing your caloric intake over time is the best way to ensure steady fat loss.

FACT: Consistently reducing your caloric intake is a great way to lose muscle mass. However, precise manipulation of the nutrients in your diet (protein, fat and carbs) can have extraordinary anabolic (muscle-building) and lipolytic (fat-burning) hormonal effects on your body. It’s all a matter of what you eat and when you eat it.


MYTH #7: When you come off a fat-loss diet, there will always be some rebound weight gain.

FACT: When the metabolism is properly stimulated and the right combination of nutrients is eaten, rebound weight gain can not only be eliminated, it can be reversed. With the proper training and nutrition plan, you can actually continue to lose fat even when you go back to normal training and eating.


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