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Yuri Elkaim

Yuri ElkaimFitness and nutrition: Yuri Elkaim is considered one of North America’s top leading fitness and nutrition experts. Yuri Elkaim is the inventor of several IPod-based fitness MP3s, and the author of several books and magazine articles on nutrition, fitness, and wellness. Additionally, Yuri is a public speaker who has traveled across the United States and Canada to speak about his ideas on holistic medicine and fitness. Yuri Elkaim has been featured on shows such as Perfect Fix, A-Channel Morning, and CTV news. Yuri is also a Certified Kinesiologist, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and a former professional soccer player who played on teams in both Canada and France. He also holds a BA in Physical Education and Health from University of Toronto.


Yuri Elkaim grew up in Canada. When he was 17 and in high school, he was diagnosed with Alopecia, an auto-immune disorder. He lost his hair due to the disease and refused his doctors’ recommended cortisone shot treatments. At 24, after becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, he says he put his disease into remission by going on a raw foods vegan diet plan only diet for several weeks. Since then, Yuri Elkaim has designed several nutrition and fitness programs of naturally healing.


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One way Yuri Elkaim used to regularly help people was through being a fitness trainer. He claims that he entered this career because “I had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to share what I was learning with people who were in need of getting in better shape.” This is a drive that he says still propels him forward and inspires him to continue helping others reach their ultimate health and fitness goals. Yuri Elkaim still shares nutritional and fitness advice, not just through his books and videos, but through his own website where he posts articles on nutritional health, how to do better workouts and promotes his company Total Wellness Consulting.


Total Wellness Consulting is responsible for producing the Total Wellness Cleanse, which claims to be the only food-based  how to detox your body program on the market. Unlike detoxes like the Master Cleanse, which Yuri Elkaim and the Total Wellness Cleanse criticize for depriving the body of much needed nutrients, Yuri Eklaim claims to have come out with the best detox cleanse because it healthily shows you how to detox your body by using vegetarian diet plan or vegan whole and raw foods. His program is 30 days long and sold as an online download for $197.



Yuri Elkaim also has many other products designed to help people learn about holistic health and nutrition include his book Eating for Energy, which tells you which foods you should eat to gain the most energy. These programs touch on common subjects like fasting, juice cleanse, and liver cleanse. What is most focused on in the book is eating raw foods. He has also designed Super Nutrition Academy, which is a 12-week educational course that claims to help dispel the bad advice about nutrition that is running rampant today.


The other fitness programs designed by Yuri Elkaim include Fitter U and Fitter U Fitness, two work-out programs designed for beginners who do not have much fitness knowledge. Similar to these are his Treadmill Trainer, which offers running workouts, and his Amazing Abs Solution, which offers a 12-week abdominal training program that shows you how to burn belly fat by using the right exercises and eating the right diet. So if your searching for fitness, workout, exercise, and diet programs check out Yuri Elkaim.


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