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Beyond Diet | The Diet Solution Program

The diet solution programBeyond Diet (aka The Diet Solution Program) – In a world filled with the crash diet metality, Isabel De Los Rios has created Beyond Diet, which claims to encourage a healthy, balanced diet while still showing you how to lose 10 pounds in the first month of using her methods and how to lose belly fat. The beyond diet insists that instead of counting calories, people need to focus on losing weight by determining their metabolic type. When you begin the beyond diet you must fill out a questionnaire to determine your type. Afterwards, you can consult the e-book and use it to customize your own meal plan based on that type. The idea that all people fall into one of three metabolic types is not found in any other diet plan and is therefore part of what makes Isabel de los Rios beyond diet unique. The other unique part of diet, which used to be called The Diet Solution Program is that it allows you to eat however much you want. This is a different approach then many other exercise, weight loss programs which have their own eating plans. You can take a look at these on this site as well by Flavia Del Monte and Shawna Kaminski.


The beyond diet program comes with a number of tools designed to help you fully understand the program and stay on track. A quick-start guide, daily meal plans, diet recipes, shopping lists, frequently asked questions, and a journal for tracking success are included in the e-book. For further endorsement of the program Isabel De Los Rios also offers beyond diet with a money-back guarantee. The program may also be of benefit in conjuction with exercises for pregnant women, however you should first check with your doctor if it is okay.


Beyond Diet appealing for a number of reasons. For one, it really isn’t a starvation diet. That alone puts this program above many others on the market. The beyond diet program also does not encourage a short-term diet and in fact refuses to even call itself a diet. The best diet solutions are the ones that most consistently offer long-term results and that offer permanent lifestyle changes. Another attractive feature of this program is that the amount of weight you are expected to lose falls between 1 and 2 pounds a week, which is considered a healthy amount of weight loss by all health care professionals.


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There are, of course, drawbacks to the beyond diet. While Isabel de los Rios is a nutritionist, this title is somewhat ambiguous. The reason I say this is that the requirements that need to be met to call oneself a “nutritionist” vary from state to state and, in some, nearly anyone call legally call themselves a nutritionist. A little research reveals that Isabel de los Rios degree is not in nutrition, but rather in exercise physiology. This isn’t a bogus degree, but it is not directly related to the field of nutritional health, which is where all of her advice is based. Furthermore, the beyond diet program itself admits on its own website that while it bases its entire program on metabolic typing, this is a personal theory of Isabel de los Rios based on her own research. You need to your own research regarding whether or not you will begin a particular diet program especially if you suffer from condition such as irritable bowel syndrome diet or have gluten sensitivity.


Many happy dieters have walked away from Beyond Diet. But I would exercise caution before buying into this or any other program. It has an intriguing concept that “may or may not be true” to helping you lose weight. Do your research and if you feel this is for you then give beyond diet a try.


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