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Shawna Kaminski

Shawna KaminskiNever tell Shawna Kaminski that women cannot do pull-ups. The New York Times found themselves in that position when they published an article based on a small study that had concluded that women did not have the strength to do pull-ups. Shawna Kaminski went on to prove wrong with a video she created of herself doing 20 consecutive pull-ups. Now Shawna is known as “the pull-up Queen.” She is also a top fitness trainer for women over 40 years of age and owner of the Challenge Workouts, a fitness program designed to help anyone but especially women who want to lose weight, gain strength, and learn how to do pull-ups. Another couple of programs that we recommend are by Flavia Del Monte and Isabel de los Rios, how is the author of the beyond diet/the diet solution program.


Shawna Kaminski is marveled at for her fitness not just for being a women, but also for her age. Her methods can be used as exercises for pregnant women and even how to lose belly fat. This 49-year-old retired elementary schoolteacher and mother of 2 is a competitor in many athletic competitions and has either won or placed in several bodybuilding events, having often competed against athletes half her age. She even has fitness professionals impressed. At a fitness conference in Las Vegas, Shawna Kaminski was approached by a 36-year-old male fitness expert who admitted that after seeing her pull-up challenge video, he tried to beat her record of over 20 reps by doing 30 himself, but could only get to 18. Shawna often likes to talk about this fact on her website as proof that her Challenge Workouts program really works.


The Challenge Workout program itself is based on Shawna Kaminski’s opinion that the pull-up is the ultimate test of strength and fitness, she asserts that only about 5 percent of the population can actually do a pull-up because it requires one to lift all of their weight through arm, back, and grip strength. Pull-ups are also tricky, she says, because training to do one is difficult and often done incorrectly; while there are many ways to use workout machines to build arm and back strength, if grip strength is not also improved, then one can never reach their full pull-up potential. The key to learning how to do pull-ups, like any other exercise, is resistance training. Challenge Workouts has what she calls “cheats,” which are workout that leave your body in the pull-up position while not actually doing full out pull-ups using your full weight.


The video demonstrates one of Shawn’s boot camp workouts:


Here are a couple of comments from those who have tried Shawn’s boot camp workouts:

“I just unpacked the TT Boot Camp Games Manual from Shawna Kaminski and have been using it for one week. First off, I can see how using these games increases retention and referrals. My camp was a buzz after playing the Commando Relay. I needed to modify the game slightly for my group, but I got the idea and plenty more from the TT boot Games Manual. Games sort of get forgotten as adults and this program helps bring out the kid in all of us. These games are fun and fast paced and clients don’t even know how hard they’re working when they get caught up in the spirit of play. Thanks Mrs Kaminski, Brian and the TT team for such a great resource that I can use to spice up my bootcamp.”

Shawna Kaminski Calgary NW Fit Body Boot Camp “Not sure where to begin but this bootcamp product is over the top! It is awesome! I haven’t seen a more complete, new and fresh bootcamp product in a long time. The bootcamp games are a brilliant addition to camps not only for the fun factor but the retention and marketing manuals are also excellent! The bootcamp games and videos while extremely innovate are simple to implement! This is one awesome tool for bootcamp trainers and will surely differentiate and set apart their bootcamp business. I highly recommend Mrs Kaminski’s workout program to all bootcamp trainers.”


Follow a good exercise program such as Shawna Kaminski will also help if you suffer from conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome diet or have gluten sensitivity. Those who are interested in learning more about Challenge Workouts can visit Shawna Kaminski’s blog, where she talks about her program and dispenses professional fitness advice.


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