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Liver Cleanse

Liver CleanseLiver Cleanse: The liver is the body’s main detoxifier. It effectively screens toxic materials, such as pesticides, water contaminates, and alcohol, and purges them from the body. Many who worry over the number of consumer goods that contain harmful chemicals in the ingredient and how these contaminants might build up in the system over time, have turned to trying a liver cleanse in the hopes of preventing disease.


A liver cleanse is a specific kind of detox diet, it is not fasting or using something like the Master Cleanse, but it is when certain foods are eaten or avoided because of their believed healing or harmful effects on the liver. These cleanses last anywhere between 3 – 10 days and usually consist of a juice cleanse. Some also imbibe an organic “liver cleanse mixture,” meant to give extra detoxing support. There is one company, however, by Yuri Elkaim called the Total Wellness Cleanse, that offers a 30-day detox program, complete with books and educational videos. It claims that by purifying the liver the whole body will be rejuvenated and the dieter will experience significant weight loss.


Any kind of liver detox plan is going to include several days of drinking certain fruits and vegetables that are believed help to flush toxins from the liver. Most holistic doctors agree on which fruits and vegetables will best accomplish this. The most popular of these foods are garlic, grapefruit, leafy greens, green tea, beets, and carrots, all of which are high in anti-oxidants which are supposed to stimulate liver enzymes, prompting the liver to work a little harder and flush harmful material from the body. While on a liver cleanse, an individual is to avoid drinking alcohol and coffee, and smoking cigarettes. Many holistic doctors feel that by giving the liver a brief rest and providing healthy liver building foods it will improve liver functions resulting in better overall healthy and weight loss. 


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Most holistic doctors support doing a liver cleanse anywhere from one to three times a year. Health professionals disagree on the necessity of a liver cleanse and how often it should be performed, if at all. Not only do the how to detox your body diets not allow an individual to take in the FDA’s recommended amount of calories or nutrition, but the individual’s lifestyle changes, which are only temporary, will inevitably result in gaining back any weight lost. Doctors applaud at least part of every liver detox plan, however, that of eating more fruits and vegetables fewer processed, refined, and fatty foods. All of which is encouraged by every medical professional, regardless of their stance on detox diets.



Professionals both for and against a liver cleansing diets recommend speaking to a doctor before going on any fasting or detox diet. People with certain pre-existing health conditions, such as diabetes or hypoglycemia could suffer adverse health affects, such as unsafe drops in blood sugar.


Taking this into consideration, many have turned to a vegan diet plan or vegetarian diet plan for their everyday diet, instead of or in addition to taking several days a year to do a strenuous liver cleanse. Many do this not only to keep their bodies free from toxins but also by avoiding unhealthy foods. Many books on how to live these lifestyles are available at just about every bookseller.


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