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Isabel De Los Rios | Beyond Diet

beyond dietIsabel De Los Rios is the creator of the Beyond Diet Program. Her programs are unique in the world of fat weight loss programs because of her approach to losing weight, which includes her own theory of metabolic typing that also allows dieters not to count calories. Although she admits that her theory of metabolic typing is not based in scientific fact, she claims that all of her information is based in solid scientific research. Furthermore, in addition to selling the beyond diet product, she claims that she is also an adherent of the program, which she says she used to lose 30 pounds. For some different programs you can also take a look at Flavia Del Monte and Shawn Kaminski’s exercise programs on this site.


The beyond diet shows how to lose belly fat as well as unwanted fat around the hips, thighs, and this is all just through diet alone. The Internet is flooded with testimonials from happy dieters, who claim that beyond diet, which use to be called The Diet Solution Program is the best diet they have ever tried. As you may or may  not have all ready known Isabel has recently re-branded the DSP to the Beyond Diet. Of course as with anything you can also find the flip side, reviews from a couple of medical doctors who do not support the beyond diet she has developed, especially in exercises for pregnant women.


Who is Isabel de los Rios? What are her credentials, and what is at the heart of the hype around her beyond diet?


Isabel de los Rios describes herself as a Holistic Nutritionist and Exercise Specialist. She has a degree from Rutgers University in exercise physiology and also holds a certificate as a Holistic Nutrition Lifestyle Coach from The Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology Institute. Isabel de los Rios has her own private practice in New Jersey, where she counsels people on how to achieve effective, long-term weight loss. Isabel de los rios has reportedly helped many diabetics and cancer survivors. She first became interested in nutrition because of her own health and the many diets she has put herself on since the 7th grade. Isabel de los Rios also comes from a family in which many suffer from diabetes. Wanting to avoid this fate for herself, she said that she researched what she could, from her findings the beyond diet system was born.


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Web MD has its own bit to say about Isabel de los Rios and her weight loss program,  the beyond diet. In an article published by Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, LD, it says that Isabel de los Rios “is not a nutrition expert qualified or licensed to practice and her sources are not from peer-reviewed scientific journals.” This statement is, in fact, true. In the state of New Jersey where Isabel del los Rios practices, anyone legally has the ability to call themselves a nutritionist, regardless of their education or training. What might appear at first glance to set Ms. De Los Rios apart from some of these other state certified nutritionists is her certificate from The Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology Institute, but this is not the case. Although she does have this certificate, this is not the same as receiving a full education in nutritional health, or even as receiving an undergraduate degree in this field.


According to a 2011 article by Julie Deardorff published in The Chicago Tribune, when most people think about a nutrition expert, what they are really imagining is a dietician, who not only has a degree, but who has also been certified to give advice to patients by the Commission on Dietetic Registration of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Isabel de los Rios carries no such credentials.


As far as the claim that her beyond diet program is not from any peer-reviewed articles, is not only true, but Isabel even admits on her own website that, although her beyond diet program is based entirely on metabolic typing, this is her personal theory that comes completely from herself and is not based on anything other than her own research. If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or gluten sensitivity you can take a look at her diet plans and see if they can help. It is very commendable that Mrs de los Rios does make this qualifying statement.  It would indicate that she is genuinely interested in people and does not want to deceive anyone.


Isabel de los Rios has likely helped a lot of people in her private practice. Some dieters swear by her beyond diet program. She also no doubt has a sincere interest in nutrition and health. As with all products and diets you need to do your own research and then make your own informed decision whether the Beyond diet is for you.


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