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Flavia Del Monte

Flavia Del MonteFlavia Del Monte is the founder of Flavilicious Fitness Inc., which gives fitness and nutrition advice targeted specifically at women. Flavia Del Monte’s credentials for offering such advice to women are based on her training as a registered nurse, certified nutritionist, and certified personal trainer. Flavia is likely best known for her Curvalicious Workout videos, which are meant to help women learn how to workout in a way that lets them, not only get stronger but also gain muscle definition. Flavia del Monte claims is something most personal trainers and even other women in the fitness industry like Shawna Kaminski and Isabel de los Rios cannot help you do, of course that is Flavia’s own opinion. In addition to workout videos, both the flavilicious and curvalicious are full of dietary advice and special recipes meant to help lose weight and gain muscle. Flavia’s steps on how to lose belly fat got special recognition in an issue of the fitness magazine Power House Gym.


The Curvalicious Workout is specifically created for women to be able to gain muscle tone while still maintaining a sexy, feminine physique, and overall good health. The secret to Flavia’s workout is that it targets what is called the neurogenic muscle tone, which is supposed to be the tone responsible for muscle definition. In this curvalicious program del Monte includes varies weights, reps, targeting different areas in the body with every workout, moving from medium intensity to high intensity lifting. Within the medical community, it is now a generally accepted fact that the best workouts that help gain the most muscle and lead to optimum fitness alternate between periods of medium and high intensity exercises as well as encourage beneficial sleep. Flavia del Monte’s program takes this knowledge and applies it specifically to a woman’s anatomy, which includes a special kind of tailoring not seen in most other workout programs. Besides Flavia’s Flavilicious workouts she has also developed a very good exercise routine for pregnant women.


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On her blog, Flavia del Monte offers not only her fitness videos for sale but also the aforementioned Step-by-Step Abs Diet, which is an 8-week low carb diet. Curvalicious showcases its own products as well as other diet plans, recipes, and products from several companies such as cookbooks and supplements that Flavia has personally endorsed because she says she uses them all on a regular basis.


Body Licious, curvalicious and flavilicious workout program’s, wow that’s a lot of Licious’! All three basically refer to a fitness program that has been designed by Flavia del Monte herself. Del Monte’s workout system is based on what she has developed over the years. This system helped Flavia to bring her own (BMI) body fat down from 18% to 13.4% in about 10 weeks while working out at her local gym.


One thing you must understand is that the workout program is not a magic bullet and Flavia del Monte’s does require a lot of commitment and dedication from her followers as well as a good balanced diet.


If you have an access to gym great, however if you don’t have the time or money for gym Flavia del Monte has something for you. She also has a version of the curvalicious workout program that you can do in the comfort of your home with only basic equipment. All you really need is a set of dumbbells, resistance band and a stability ball.


Did you know that most women are cheating themselves out of having a toned body? It’s true, most women do not know how to effectively use their workouts to improve their natural woman curves. Flavia del Monte has, through her curvalicious and flavilicious workout programs really shown how to maximize your workouts.


Del Monte’s likes to use what she calls the F.O.R.C.E. method for a gorgeous body. What does the acronym F.O.R.C.E. stands for:

F – Frequent Full Body Workouts. These are simple fast paced workouts to help you slim down quickly. They do not require any weight lifting.

O – Organized Overload. The flavilicious and curvalicious workouts are organized and structured around what is best for your body. This provides consistent, measurable results with noticeable progress week after week.

R – Radical & Rapid Movements. Helps you look good by setting up certain days for working on your arms, shoulders, thighs, butt, and your tummy. The idea behind this, is to workout what is called the fast twitch muscle fiber.

C – Challenging Cardio Core Workout.  Flavia del Monte has developed these workouts not for the weak, it’s too hard, women. Flavia gets you to do a combination of ab exercises with fat burning cardio to work on those two areas simultaneously.

E – Exceeding Your Expectations, With Extreme Metabolic “Disturbance And Debt. You will be pushing yourself to extreme exhaustion to get the type of body you want. Have you heard of the no pain no gain moto.  Well Flavia del Monte seems to thrive on this one.


Because the F.O.R.C.E. formula is not easy, if you stick to it you will not fail at finally getting into the shape you always have wanted. Even if you are a busy mom, college student, or carer woman you can have that curvalicious body if you follow any one of Flavia del Monte’s fitness workout programs for women.


Additionally, you can find free diet tips that may be able to help with conditions like IBS and Gluten sensitivities. There are also fitness tips, and advice on how to get and stay motivated. Flavia del Monte site conveys a positive attitude and emphasizes the sense of community between dieting women that she claims is her passion.  So why not have a look at Flavia del Monte’s site for all her product. There might be something you are interested in.


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