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Fat Loss Factor

Dr Charles fat loss factorI’d seen advertisements for the Fat Loss Factor video on my favorite nutritional data website for several weeks before I decided to check it out. At first, I was annoyed; to me, it looked like most fat loss adds that promise the world but when you try it, you’re really only left with an acre of crabgrass in New Jersey. You know the type Primal Burn comes to mind. But I was also interested in its promise of the fat loss factor to help you lose belly fat by avoiding five foods and promote good health. I was mildly interested in being shown how to lose 10 pounds. The fat loss factor add also had a picture of a banana, a food I love and thought was relatively healthy, so I watched the video and then did a little research. I was so surprised by what I found that I wanted to write a Fat Loss Factor review for all the other skeptical people who have not yet given this video and the Fat Loss Factor program a good look.


The first thing that struck me about Fat Loss Factor was, it wasn’t offering weight loss pills or any kind of “fool-proof program” that would take some kind of black magic to really work. The amount of weight Dr. Charles indicates is possible to lose on fat loss factor, his personally designed weight loss program had me initially suspicious. Was it really possible to lose as much as 85 pounds in 12 weeks? Well, as it turns out Dr. Charles Livingston, as I mentioned, the creator of Fat Loss Factor is an actual certified nutritionist (I checked.) The fat loss factor he outlined is not only very straightforward and easy to follow, but actually makes perfect scientific sense and truly turns your body into a fat burning furnace.


I think most Americans are interested in weight loss, but don’t know how to do it. They’ve heard about the importance of diet and exercise, but it’s hard to figure out what system actually works and then even harder to stay on track. There are so many products and programs it is hard to sift through them all.  I also recently had a look at other programs such as the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer by Kyle Leon and products by Flavia Del Monte (which I also highly recommend). You can check them out on this site as well. This is really where the brilliance of Dr. Charles and his Fat Loss Factor come into play. His program outlines, if you’ll excuse the term, fat loss factor for idiots. Not only does the Fat Loss Factor package come with a starter guide blueprint, but a whole gamut of tools to help you stay on track and actually lose weight.


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The package includes a helpful video on the detoxifying master cleanse, which is how the program begins. You track your progress in the program from the beginning, to the weeks of dieting afterwards and even upkeep months later. Fat Loss Factor provides a goal setting guide and a year of personal e-mail coaching. I think this is great, I don’t know about you, but I have trouble keeping the goals I set unless I write them down. The daily food and exercise log helps keep you on track. It helps you understand not only what is in your food, but helps you acquire an intimate knowledge of how much you’re eating versus burning. 


What better ways to help you take in only healthy foods and learn how to efficiently burn fat than with the provided grocery list, book of recipes, anabolic cooking, and 3 workout books? I loved this because most of us know to avoid cheese steaks and french-fries but wouldn’t dream of having to avoid foods like bananas. You could, naturally, research every food and recipe you want to try, not to mention a work-out routine that actually works, but the guides in fat loss factor have done all the research already, saving valuable time that we don’t have.


So, I was pretty sold on the Fat Loss Factor at this point, but wondered how much it costs; most great programs are too expensive for those who can’t already afford a personal trainer. Again, I was surprised: everything was only $49, which nowadays is just the price of a tank of gas. Even better, the fat loss factor program is instantly downloadable! I don’t see any reason not to try it right away!


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