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Exercises For Pregnant Women

Exercise for pregnant womenStay fit & healthy during your pregnancy is very important for a healthy you and baby. One thing you need to do is to find a good exercise for pregnant women program. There is a lot of good information about exercises during pregnancy, you just need to know where to look and pick the one that works best for you. There are many trainers and exercises specifically designed for pregnancy, you may want to look at Shawna Kaminski or Isabel de los Rios for example. Have a safer, easier birth & improved post-natal recovery with the exercise tips at The Online Pregnancy Guide by, Hanna Hamelsford.


Pregnancy fitness expert Lucie Brand has put together some exercises for pregnant women in their second trimester designed to fit into a busy lifestyle. They will help maintain your fitness in pregnancy although ideally they should be part of a longer routine that includes some cardio exercise as well.


There is a plethora of good information about exercises for pregnant women, core exercises for women, toning exercises for women and exercises for women on the internet.  Just a Google search for any of the above will produce many good resources than you can use. There is a lot of free tips and video’s as well as paid books and programs.  You have to do your research before you decide on what program you may want to purchase. However most are pretty economical and so even if you purchase one and it is not for you then you wont be out to much money. Even after your baby you will want to find out how to lose belly fat and get that pre pregnant body back.


Once you’ve checked with your doctor, you can try some of the different exercises, which can be performed 3 times per week (make sure you always do a 5-10 minute warm-up of brisk walking or cycling to get your blood flowing and avoid any injury). Get ready to be a fit mommy! Flavia Del Monte has produced a series of workout video’s while you are pregnant. You can view them on this page below.


Walking is among the best exercises for pregnant women suggested by doctors. Most doctors counsel their patients to begin walking in the first semester of pregnancy and continue with it until its time to delivery. There is a lot of research that shows pregnant women who continue with daily walks through the full term of their pregnancies have easy deliveries. What’s nice about walking is that there is no special equipment to purchase. It is considered one of the best cardiovascular exercises for pregnant women. A warning though, don’t over do it and become winded. In addition to benefits already discussed, walking can also elevate your mood, improves sleep and help with those little pregnancy aches and pains. Regular exercise can also help with other health issues related to or not to being pregnant such as irritable bowel syndrome diet (IBS), and gluten sensitivity.


Pregnancy fitness expert Lucie Brand has also put together some exercises for pregnant women designed to fit into a busy lifestyle. They will help maintain your fitness in pregnancy although ideally they should be part of a longer routine that includes some cardio-vascular exercise as well. If you are interested just in looking at here pregnancy exercise program you can just do a search on her name.


Swimming is also an excellent pregnancy exercise. Besides yoga and walking, swimming is among the safest forms of exercises for pregnant women. It is also one of the lowest impact strength trainings that targets the most important muscles.


All these exercises can be “supercharged” by getting some ankle or wrist weights and strapping them on to increase your effort and the benefit to you and your baby. Exercises for pregnant women are many, and you can start with the easiest one, here are some exercises video’s that you can do:


Flavia’s Exercises For Pregnant Women Click Here


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