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Anabolic Cooking

Anabolic CookingAnabolic Cooking is a muscle building cookbook written by former bodybuilder, professional fitness coach, and nutritionist Dave Ruel. Dave Ruel, who also calls himself “the muscle cook,” wrote this cookbook not just for bodybuilders, but for anyone who has trouble following a meal plan or does not know how to cook healthy recipes that taste good.


Anabolic Cooking is as much of a beginner’s cookbook as it is a resource for learning how to cook tasty and healthy recipes for heart healthy diet using fat burning foods. The cook book come with over 200 food recipes that are designed to be delicious as well as nutritious. It also comes with a complete guide to help body builders know what and when to eat so they will be the most successful at burning fat and building muscle.


In his advertisement for the book, Dave claims that being a successful bodybuilder happens, not by taking supplements, but when you know what and when to eat, especially right after workouts. If aspiring bodybuilders eat the foods he suggests in Anabolic Cooking, Dave Ruel promises that you will see results in only a few weeks. He says he can guarantee these results because he has used these recipes to help build his own physique after meeting a bodybuilder and nutritionist who showed him how to use food to his advantage. In addition to these food’s muscle building qualities, Dave Ruel also claims that Anabolic Cooking will offer obesity help and burn stubborn belly fat, by following his recipes and tips alone.


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Because Anabolic Cooking also advertises itself as a health and nutritional resource for a select group of people, the book comes with special add-ons you can purchase, which include a meal planner, a nutrition and cooking guide, sample meal plans, a calorie counter, a training and food log, a report called “The Ugly Truth About Supplements,” and free lifetime updates to the recipes. If you choose to purchase Anabolic Cooking from the official website, these add-ons come along with the book for a grand total of $47. These add-ons serve as an additional nutritional guide that shows you how to read nutritional labels, shows you how to plan your meals as much as a week in advance, and allows you easily to log your food intake.


While the recipes look rather delicious, before purchasing it is best to remember what this product is and what it is not. First of all, while the recipes can be used to create a healthy nutritional lifestyle, it is not a cure-all solution that anyone can use alone to achieve their fitness goals. The recipes are no replacement for exercise. No food is going to magically give you a sculpted body. Eating the right foods can only help to accomplish this when paired with proper and consistent exercise and weightlifting.


A second thing to remember is that these types of cook books cannot replace the nutritional advice of a doctor or a registered dietician. Dave Ruel is certainly as qualified as anyone to write a cookbook. However, he is not a registered dietician and there is no evidence to indicate that he is even a certified nutritionist. While he uses the word “nutritionist” to describe himself, as confusing as this may sound, being a nutritionist is not the same as being a nutritional expert. Many people use the words “nutritionist” and “dietician” interchangeably, but these titles are really very different. A dietician has at least a bachelor’s degree in nutrition, and is registered with the Commission on Dietetic Registration of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Depending on the laws of a certain state or country, anyone may be able to call themselves a nutritionist, whether or not they have had any formal certification or even education in nutrition.


Nowhere in Dave Ruel’s biography does he appear to make any claims to have gotten a formal education in nutrition. Furthermore, he admits that he designed Anabolic Cooking thanks to “10 years of trial and error, and 4 years of intensive research.” He admits to having first learned the secret through a mentor who was a fellow bodybuilder. Anabolic Cooking then should really only be thought of as simply a healthy beginner’s cookbook and not advice from an actual nutrition specialist.


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